Papers Tagged ‘LVAD’

Right Ventricular Pressure-Volume Analysis During a Left Ventricular Assist Device Speed Optimization Study

MK Kanwar, MI Brener, M Tsukashita, S Murali and D Burkhoff
Circ Heart Fail 2021;CIRCHEARTFAILURE120008014

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Rupture of Papillary Muscle and Chordae Tendinae Complicating STEMI: A Call for Action

M Pahuja, S Ranka, K Chauhan, A Patel, O Chehab, A Elmoghrabi, S Mony, T Ando, T Mishra, M Singh, H Abubaker, A Yassin, JJ Glazier, L Afonso, NK Kapur and D Burkhoff
Asaio J 2020

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Physiology of Blood Pump Circulation in Heart Failure

A Saxena, N Uriel and D Burkhoff
Mechanical Support for Heart Failure - Current Solutions and New Technologies. 2020. Chapter 5, pages 63-82

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Central Venous Pressure and Clinical Outcomes During Left-Sided Mechanical Support for Acute Myocardial Infarction and Cardiogenic Shock

EH Whitehead, KL Thayer, D Burkhoff, N Uriel, EM Ohman, W O'Neill and NK Kapur
Front Cardiovasc Med 2020;7:155

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Longitudinal Trajectories of Hemodynamics Following Left Ventricular Assist Device Implantation

T Fujino, A Sayer, D Nitta, T Imamura, N Narang, A Nguyen, D Rodgers, J Raikhelkar, B Smith, G Kim, C LaBuhn, V Jeevanandam, D Burkhoff, G Sayer and N Uriel
Journal of Cardiac Failure 2020;26:383-390

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