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Longitudinal Trajectories of Hemodynamics Following Left Ventricular Assist Device Implantation

T Fujino, A Sayer, D Nitta, T Imamura, N Narang, A Nguyen, D Rodgers, J Raikhelkar, B Smith, G Kim, C LaBuhn, V Jeevanandam, D Burkhoff, G Sayer and N Uriel
J Card Fail 2020

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Association of Inflow Cannula Position with Left Ventricular Unloading and Clinical Outcomes in Patients with HeartMate II Left Ventricular Assist Device

T Imamura, A Nguyen, B Chung, D Rodgers, N Sarswat, G Kim, J Raikhelkar, S Adatya, T Ota, T Song, C Juricek, JD Estep, D Burkhoff, V Jeevanandam, G Sayer and N Uriel
ASAIO J 2019;65:331-335

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Initial experience with telemonitoring in left ventricular assist device patients

S Hohmann, C Veltmann, D Duncker, T Konig, D Berliner, J Hanke, G Dogan, A Chatterjee, C Feldmann, B Lynch, D Burkhoff, A Haverich, J Bauersachs and JD Schmitto
J Thorac Dis 2019;11:S853-S863

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Estimation of Central Venous Pressure by Pacemaker Lead Impedances in Left Ventricular Assist Device Patients

T Imamura, JD Moss, E Flatley, D Rodgers, G Kim, J Raikhelkar, N Sarswat, S Kalantari, A Nguyen, C Juricek, D Burkhoff, T Song, T Ota, V Jeevanandam, G Sayer and N Uriel
ASAIO J 2019

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Impact of Hemodynamic Ramp Test-Guided HVAD Speed and Medication Adjustments on Clinical Outcomes

N Uriel, D Burkhoff, JD Rich, SG Drakos, JJ Teuteberg, T Imamura, D Rodgers, J Raikhelkar, EE Vorovich, CH Selzman, G Kim and G Sayer
Circ Heart Fail 2019;12:e006067

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