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Electrical signals applied during the absolute refractory period: an investigational treatment for advanced heart failure in patients with normal QRS duration

T Lawo, M Borggrefe, C Butter, G Hindricks, H Schmidinger, Y Mika, D Burkhoff, C Pappone and HN Sabbah
J Am Coll Cardiol 2005;46:2229-2236

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Chronic electrical stimulation during the absolute refractory period of the myocardium improves severe heart failure

G Stix, M Borggrefe, C Wolpert, G Hindricks, H Kottkamp, D Bocker, T Wichter, Y Mika, S Ben Haim, D Burkhoff, M Wolzt and H Schmidinger
Eur Heart J. 2004;25:650-655

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Development and validation of a patient questionnaire to determine New York Heart Association classification

SH Kubo, S Schulman, RC Starling, M Jessup, D Wentworth and D Burkhoff
J Card Fail. 2004;10:228-235

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Mechanisms of heart failure with well preserved ejection fraction in dogs following limited coronary microembolization

KL He, M Dickstein, HN Sabbah, GH Yi, A Gu, M Maurer, CM Wei, J Wang and D Burkhoff
Cardiovascular Research 2004;64:72-83

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Macrophage Inhibitor, Semapimod, Reduces Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha in Myocardium in a Rat Model of Ischemic Heart Failure

AR Kherani, GW Moss, H Zhou, A Gu, G Zhang, AR Schulman, JM Fal, R Sorabella, T Plasse, L Rui, S Homma, D Burkhoff, MC Oz and J Wang
Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology 2004;44:665-671

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