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Characterizing ventricular mechanics and energetics following repeated coronary microembolization

K Todaka, D Leibowitz, S Homma, RA Stennett, M Packer and D Burkhoff
American Journal of Physiology 1997;272 (HCP41):H186-H194

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Existence of the Frank-Starling mechanism in the failing human heart: investigations on the organ, tissue and sarcomere level

Ch Holubarsch, Th Ruf, DJ Goldstein, RC Ashton, W Nickl, B Pieske, K Pioch, J Ludemann, S Wiesner, G Hasenhoff, H Posival, S Just and D Burkhoff
Circulation 1996;94:683-689

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Alterations in left ventricular mechanics, energetics, and contractile reserve in experimental heart failure

MR Wolff, PP de Tombe, Y Harasawa, D Burkhoff, S Bier, WC Hunter, G Gerstenblith and DA Kass
Circulation Research 1992;70:516-529

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