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Treating heart failure with cardiac contractility modulation electrical signals

HN Sabbah, RC Gupta, S Rastogi, S Mishra, Y Mika and D Burkhoff
Curr.Heart Fail.Rep. 2006;3:21-24

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Nonexcitatory, cardiac contractility modulation electrical impulses: Feasibility study for advanced heart failure in patients with normal QRS duration

SB Neelagaru, JE Sanchez, SK Lau, SM Greenberg, NY Raval, S Worley, J Kalman, AD Merliss, S Krueger, M Wood, M Wish, D Burkhoff and K Nademanee
Heart Rhythm. 2006;3:1140-1147

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Ventricular Pump Function in Heart Failure with Normal Ejection Fraction: Insights from Pressure-Volume Measurements

MS Maurer, I Kronzon and D Burkhoff
Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases 2006;49:182-195

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