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Complete Hemodynamic Profiling With Pulmonary Artery Catheters in Cardiogenic Shock Is Associated With Lower In-Hospital Mortality

AR Garan, M Kanwar, KL Thayer, E Whitehead, E Zweck, J Hernandez-Montfort, C Mahr, JL Haywood, NM Harwani, D Wencker, SS Sinha, E Vorovich, J Abraham, W O'Neill, D Burkhoff and NK Kapur
JACC Heart Fail 2020;8:903-913

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Central Venous Pressure and Clinical Outcomes During Left-Sided Mechanical Support for Acute Myocardial Infarction and Cardiogenic Shock

EH Whitehead, KL Thayer, D Burkhoff, N Uriel, EM Ohman, W O'Neill and NK Kapur
Front Cardiovasc Med 2020;7:155

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Invasive Hemodynamic Assessment and Classification of In-Hospital Mortality Risk Among Patients With Cardiogenic Shock

KL Thayer, E Zweck, M Ayouty, AR Garan, J Hernandez-Montfort, C Mahr, KJ Morine, S Newman, L Jorde, JL Haywood, NM Harwani, ML Esposito, CD Davila, D Wencker, SS Sinha, E Vorovich, J Abraham, W O'Neill, J Udelson, D Burkhoff and NK Kapur
Circ Heart Fail 2020;Circheartfailure120007099

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