Mechanoelectrical feedback: independent role of preload and contractility in modulation of canine ventricular excitability

B Lerman, D Burkhoff, DT Yue, MR Franz and K Sagawa
Journal of Clinical Investigation 1985;76:1843-1850

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Accuracy of volume measurement by conductance catheter in isolated, ejecting canine hearts

D Burkhoff, ET van der Velde, DA Kass, J Baan, WL Maughan and K Sagawa
Circulation 1985;72:440-447

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Effect of heart rate on the canine end-systolic pressure-volume relationship

WL Maughan, K Sunagawa, D Burkhoff, WL Graves, WC Hunter and K Sagawa
Circulation 1985;72:654-659

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Postextrasystolic potentiation of the isolated canine left ventricle: relationship to mechanical restitution

DT Yue, D Burkhoff, MR Franz, WC Hunter and K Sagawa
Circulation Research 1985;56:340-350

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