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Mechanisms of heart failure with well preserved ejection fraction in dogs following limited coronary microembolization

KL He, M Dickstein, HN Sabbah, GH Yi, A Gu, M Maurer, CM Wei, J Wang and D Burkhoff
Cardiovascular Research 2004;64:72-83

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The Role of Impaired Myocardial Relaxation in the Production of Elevated Left Ventricular Filling Pressure

I Hay, J Rich, P Ferber, D Burkhoff and MS Maurer
Am.J.Physiol Heart Circ.Physiol 2004;288:H1203-H1206

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Left ventricular volume reduction surgery for heart failure: a physiologic perspective

JH Artrip, M Oz and D Burkhoff
J Thoracic Cardiovasc Surgery 2001;122:775-782

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Left-to-right systolic and diastolic ventricular interactions are dependent on right ventriuclar volume

ML Dickstein, K Todaka and D Burkhoff
American Journal of Physiology 1997;41 (HCP 41):H2869-H2874

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Contractility-dependent curvilinearity of end-systolic pressure- volume relations

D Burkhoff, S Sugiura, DT Yue and K Sagawa
American Journal of Physiology 1987;252 (HCP 21):H1218-H1227

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