Papers Tagged ‘ventricular interaction’

Systolic ventricular interaction in normal and diseased explanted human hearts

JP Slater, EC Lipsitz, JM Chen, HR Levin, MC Oz, DJ Goldstein, RC Ashton and D Burkhoff
J Thorac Cardiovac Surg. 1997;113:1091-1099

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Left-to-right systolic and diastolic ventricular interactions are dependent on right ventriuclar volume

ML Dickstein, K Todaka and D Burkhoff
American Journal of Physiology 1997;41 (HCP 41):H2869-H2874

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Hemodynamic consequences of ventricular interaction as assessed by model analysis

WP Santamore and D Burkhoff
American Journal of Physiology 1991;260 (HCP 29):H146-H157

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Left ventricular interaction with arterial load studied in isolated canine ventricle

K Sunagawa, WL Maughan, D Burkhoff and K Sagawa
American Journal of Physiology 1983;245 (HCP 14):H773-H780

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