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Mechanical unloading during left ventricular assist device support increases left ventricular collagen cross-linking and myocardial stiffness

S Klotz, RF Foronjy, ML Dickstein, A Gu, IM Garrelds, AH Danser, MC Oz, J D'Armiento and D Burkhoff
Circulation 2005;112:364-374

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Biventricular assist device-induced right ventricular reverse structural and functional remodeling

S Klotz, Y Naka, MC Oz and D Burkhoff
J Heart Lung Transplant. 2005;24:1195-1201

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Validation of right and left ventricular conductance and echocardiography for cardiac function studies

MMR Amirhamzeh, DA Dean, CX Jia, SE Cabreriza, OJ Yano, D Burkhoff and HM Spotnitz
The Annals of Thoracic Surgery 1996;62:1104-1109

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Assessment of right ventricular contractile state with the conductance catheter technique in the pig

ML Dickstein, O Yano, HM Spotnitz and D Burkhoff
Cardiovascular Research 1995;29:820-826

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