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PKA phosphorylation of the cardiac calcium release channel (ryanodine receptor) in normal and failing hearts: role of phosphatases and response to isoproterenol

SR Reiken, M Gaburjakova, S Guatimosim, AM Gomez, J D'Armiento, D Burkhoff, J Wang, G Vassort, J Lederer and AR Marks
J Biol Chem. 2002;278:444-453

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Ventricular stroke work and efficiency both remain nearly optimal despite altered vascular loading

PP de Tombe, S Jones, D Burkhoff, WC Hunter and DA Kass
American Journal of Physiology 1993;264 (HCP 33):H1817-H1824

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Mechanically induced action potential changes and arrhythmia in isolated and in situ canine hearts

MR Franz, D Burkhoff, DT Yue and K Sagawa
Cardiovascular Research 1989;23:213-223

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Effect of heart rate on the canine end-systolic pressure-volume relationship

WL Maughan, K Sunagawa, D Burkhoff, WL Graves, WC Hunter and K Sagawa
Circulation 1985;72:654-659

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Quantitative comparison of the force-interval relationships of the canine right and left ventricles

D Burkhoff, DT Yue, MR Franz, WC Hunter and K Sagawa
Circulation Research 1984;54:468-473

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