Papers Tagged ‘efficiency’

End-Tidal CO2 Pressure and Cardiac Performance during Exercise in Heart Failure

J Myers, P Gujja, S Neelagaru, L Hsu, T Vittorio, T Jackson-Nelson and D Burkhoff
Med.Sci.Sports Exerc. 2009;41:19-25

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Load dependence of ventricular performance explained by a model of calcium-myofilament interactions

J Shimizu, K Todaka and D Burkhoff
Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 2002;282:H1081-H1091

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Ventricular stroke work and efficiency both remain nearly optimal despite altered vascular loading

PP de Tombe, S Jones, D Burkhoff, WC Hunter and DA Kass
American Journal of Physiology 1993;264 (HCP 33):H1817-H1824

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