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Cardiac contractility modulation for the treatment of moderate to severe HF

IV Rao and D Burkhoff
Expert Review of Medical Devices 2020;1-7

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Safety, Performance and Efficacy of Cardiac Contractility Modulation Delivered by the 2-Lead Optimizer Smart System: The FIX-HF-5C2 Study

P Wiegn, R Chan, C Jost, BR Saville, H Parise, D Prutchi, PE Carson, A Stagg, RL Goldsmith and DBurkhoff
Circ Heart Failure, 2020

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Cost-effectiveness of a cardiac contractility modulation device in heart failure with normal QRS duration

K Witte, G Hasenfuss, A Kloppe, D Burkhoff, M Green, J Moss, A Peel, S Mealing, I Durand Zaleski and MR Cowie
ESC Heart Fail 2019;6:1178-1187

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Cardiac contractility modulation improves long-term survival and hospitalizations in heart failure with reduced ejection fraction

SD Anker, M Borggrefe, H Neuser, MA Ohlow, S Roger, A Goette, BA Remppis, KH Kuck, KB Najarian, DD Gutterman, B Rousso, D Burkhoff and G Hasenfuss
Eur J Heart Fail 2019

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Cardiac contractility modulation: mechanisms of action in heart failure with reduced ejection fraction and beyond

C Tschope, B Kherad, O Klein, A Lipp, F Blaschke, D Gutterman, D Burkhoff, N Hamdani, F Spillmann and S Van Linthout
Eur J Heart Fail 2018

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