Papers Tagged ‘canine heart’

Effect of ventricular stretch on contractile strength, calcium transient, and cAMP in intact canine hearts

K Todaka, K Ogino, A Gu and D Burkhoff
American Journal of Physiology: Heart and Circulatory Physiology 1998;274:H990-H1000

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Effects of calcium and EMD-53998 on oxygen consumption in isolated canine hearts

PP de Tombe, D Burkhoff and WC Hunter
Circulation 1992;86:1945-1954

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Mechanically induced action potential changes and arrhythmia in isolated and in situ canine hearts

MR Franz, D Burkhoff, DT Yue and K Sagawa
Cardiovascular Research 1989;23:213-223

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Accuracy of volume measurement by conductance catheter in isolated, ejecting canine hearts

D Burkhoff, ET van der Velde, DA Kass, J Baan, WL Maughan and K Sagawa
Circulation 1985;72:440-447

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