Oxygen consumption is less in rat hearts arrested by low calcium than by high potassium at fixed flow

D Burkhoff, R Kalil-Filho and G Gerstenblith
American Journal of Physiology 1990;259 (HCP 28):H1142-H1147

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The force interval relationship (FIR) related to the global function of the left ventricle: a computer study

R Beyar, D Burkhoff and S Sideman
Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing 1990;September:446-456

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Hemodynamic dependence of myocardial oxygen consumption indexes

JD Schipke, D Burkhoff, DA Kass, JJr Alexander, J Schaefer and K Sagawa
American Journal of Physiology 1990;258 (HCP 27):H1281-H1291

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Influence of mean pressure on aortic impedance and reflections in the systemic arterial system

JJr Alexander, D Burkhoff, J Schipke and K Sagawa
American Journal of Physiology 1989;257 (HCP 26):H969-H978

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