In vitro studies of isolated supported human hearts

D Burkhoff, JT Flaherty, DT Yue, A Herskowitz, RY Oikawa, S Sugiura, MR Franz, WA Baumgartner, J Schaefer, BA Reitz and K Sagawa
Heart and Vessels 1988;4:185-196

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Interrelation between end-systolic pressure-volume and pressure-wall thickness relations

JD Schipke, JJr Alexander, Y Harasawa, R Schulz and D Burkhoff
American Journal of Physiology 1988;255 (HCP 24):H679-H684

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Assessment of windkessel as a model of aortic input impedance

D Burkhoff, JJr Alexander and J Schipke
American Journal of Physiology 1988;255 (HCP 24):H742-H753

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Effect of nisoldipine on coronary resistance, contractility and oxygen consumption of the isolated blood-perfused canine left ventricle

JD Schipke, D Burkhoff, JJr Alexander, J Schaefer and K Sagawa
J Pharmacol Exper Therapeutics 1988;244:1000-1004

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A place for theoretical cardiology

Schaefer J, Lie RK, Kenner T, Franz M, Schaffner KF, Burkhoff D, Sagawa K, Yue DT
Basic Res Cardiol 1987;82:317-318

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