Myoblast transfer in ischemic heart failure: effects on rhythm stability

W Sherman, KL He, GH Yi, J Wang, J Harvey, MJ Lee, H Haimes, P Lee, E Miranda, S Kanwal and D Burkhoff
Cell Transplant. 2009;18:333-341

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Impact of cardiac contractility modulation on left ventricular global and regional function and remodeling

CM Yu, JY Chan, Q Zhang, GW Yip, YY Lam, A Chan, D Burkhoff, PW Lee and JW Fung
JACC Cardiovasc.Imaging 2009;2:1341-1349

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Chasing the elusive pressure-volume relationships

D Burkhoff
JACC Cardiovasc.Imaging 2009;2:1282-1284

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The conundrum of functional mitral regurgitation in chronic heart failure

M Enriquez-Sarano, DF Loulmet and D Burkhoff
J Am Coll Cardiol 2008;51:487-489

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Randomized, double blind study of non-excitatory, cardiac contractility modulation electrical impulses for symptomatic heart failure

MM Borggrefe, T Lawo, C Butter, H Schmidinger, M Lunati, B Pieske, AR Misier, A Curnis, D Bocker, A Remppis, J Kautzner, M Stuhlinger, C Leclerq, M Taborsky, M Frigerio, M Parides, D Burkhoff and G Hindricks
Eur Heart J 2008;29:1019-1028

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