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Pacemaker-Mediated Programmable Hypertension Control Therapy

P Neuzil, B Merkely, A Erglis, G Marinskis, JR de Groot, H Schmidinger, M Rodriguez Venegas, M Voskuil, T Sturmberger, J Petru, N Jongejan, J Aichinger, G Kamzola, A Aidietis, L Geller, T Mraz, I Osztheimer, Y Mika, S Evans, D Burkhoff, and KH Kuck
J Am Heart Assoc 2017;6

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Rationale and evidence for the development of a durable device-based cardiac neuromodulation therapy for hypertension

B Yang, Y Wang, F Zhang, W Ju, H Chen, Y Mika, R Aviv, SJ Evans, D Burkhoff, J Wang and M Chen
J Am Soc Hypertens 2018

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Inhaled nitric oxide is not a negative inotrope in a porcine model of pulmonary hypertension

DJ Goldstein, DA Dean, A Smerling, MC Oz, D Burkhoff and ML Dickstein
J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. 1997;114:461-466

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