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Influence of Timing and Predicted Risk on Mortality in Impella-Treated Infarct-Related Cardiogenic Shock Patients

A Schäfer, N Werner, D Burkhoff, J-T Sieweke, A Zietzer, M Masyuk, NL Junker Udesen, R Westenfeld and JE Møller
Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine 2020;7

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Pathophysiology and Advanced Hemodynamic Assessment of Cardiogenic Shock

M Brener, H Rosenblum and D Burkhoff
Methodist DeBakey Cardiovasc J, 2020;16:7-15

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Trends in the Incidence of In-Hospital mortality, Cardiogenic Shock and Utilization of Mechanical Circulatory Support Devices in Myocarditis (Analysis of National Inpatient Sample Data, 2005-2014)

M Pahuja, O Adegbala, T Mishra, E Akintoye, O Chehab, S Mony, M Singh, T Ando, H Abubaker, A Yassin, A Subahi, M Shokr, S Ranka, A Briasoulis, N Kapur, D Burkhoff and L Afonso
J Card Fail 2019

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