Stress Testing in Asymptomatic Aortic Stenosis

B Redfors, P Pibarot, LD Gillam, D Burkhoff, JJ Bax, BR Lindman, RO Bonow, PT O'Gara, MB Leon and P Genereux.
Circulation 2017;135:1956-1976

Aortic stenosis is 1 of the most common heart valve diseases among adults. When symptoms develop, prognosis is poor, and current
guidelines recommend prompt aortic valve replacement. Depending of the severity of the aortic stenosis and the presence of concomitant heart disease and medical comorbidities, stress testing represents a reasonable strategy to help better risk stratify asymptomatic patients. The present report provides a comprehensive review of the current available data on stress testing in aortic stenosis and subsequently summarizes its potential for guiding the optimal timing of aortic valve replacement.

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