Alterations in left ventricular mechanics, energetics, and contractile reserve in experimental heart failure

MR Wolff, PP de Tombe, Y Harasawa, D Burkhoff, S Bier, WC Hunter, G Gerstenblith and DA Kass
Circulation Research 1992;70:516-529

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Effect of a bradycardic agent on the isolated blood-perfused canine heart

JD Schipke, Y Harasawa, S Sugiura, JJr Alexander and D Burkhoff
Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapeutics 1991;5:481-488

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Influence of metabolic substrate on rat heart function and metabolism at different coronary flows

D Burkhoff, RG Weiss, SP Schulman, R Kalil-Filho, T Wannenburg and G Gerstenblith
American Journal of Physiology 1991;261 (HCP 30):H741-H750

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Contractile strength and mechanical efficiency of left ventricle are enhanced by physiological afterload

D Burkhoff, PP de Tombe, WC Hunter and DA Kass
American Journal of Physiology 1991;260 (HCP 29):H569-H578

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Non-linearity and load sensitivity of the end-systolic pressure-volume relation of canine left ventricle in vivo

ET van der Velde, D Burkhoff, P Steendijk, J Karsdon, K Sagawa and J Baan
Circulation 1991;83:315-327

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