Alternatives to traditional coronary bypass surgery

HC Lowe, SN Oesterle and D Burkhoff
Semin Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 2002;14:110-118

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PKA phosphorylation of the cardiac calcium release channel (ryanodine receptor) in normal and failing hearts: role of phosphatases and response to isoproterenol

SR Reiken, M Gaburjakova, S Guatimosim, AM Gomez, J D'Armiento, D Burkhoff, J Wang, G Vassort, J Lederer and AR Marks
J Biol Chem. 2002;278:444-453

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Cardiac contractility modulation by electric currents applied during the refractory period in patients with heart failure secondary to ischemic or idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy

C Pappone, S Rosanio, D Burkhoff, Y Mika, G Vicedomini, G Augello, I Shemer, D Prutchi, W Haddad, R Aviv, Y Snir, I Kronzon, O Alfieri and SA Ben Haim
American Journal of Cardiology 2002;90:1307-1313

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Electric Currents Applied during the Refractory Period Enhance Contractility and Systolic Calcium in Ferret

S Mohri, J Shimizu, Y Mika, I Shemer, J Wang, S Ben Haim and D Burkhoff
Am J Physiol Heart Circ.Physiol 2002;284:1119-1123

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Transmyocardial laser revascularization: a review of basic and clinical aspects

A Szatkowski, C Ndubuka-Irobunda, SN Oesterle and D Burkhoff
Am J Cardiovasc Drugs 2002;2:255-266

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