Innovative devices for advanced heart failure: exploring the current state and future direction of device therapies

J Grinstein and D Burkhoff
Curr Opin Cardiol 2015;30:267-276

Purpose of review
Despite improvements in medical and device therapies for the treatment of heart failure, the incidence and
prevalence of heart failure continue to increase. Given the relative stagnation in new pharmacologic
therapies, considerable attention has been given in recent years to device therapies to supplement care in
patients with advanced heart failure. Recent successful clinical trial results with an angiotensin–neprilysin
inhibitor are not expected to change this situation significantly; the drug has been shown to delay, not
eliminate, the progression of heart failure. This review focuses on the technologies that are currently in
development for the treatment of advanced heart failure.

Recent findings
Novel devices that involve electrical, neurohormonal or structural remodeling of the heart that can be
inserted either percutaneously or with a minimally invasive surgery are currently at various stages of clinical
development. All, however, have shown promising clinical results in preclinical and early clinical studies.

Novel device therapies for advanced heart failure continue to show promising clinical results. Randomized
controlled trials are still needed to better evaluate their efficacy. Nevertheless, it can be anticipated that at
least several of these devices will be among the armamentarium of treatment options for advanced heart
failure in the future.

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